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To leverage a high-performance tickerplant, ACTIV offers a distribution tier using Content Gateway (CG) servers that can address your application needs, some examples include:

  • High-Frequency Trading Systems, Risk Systems, Smart Order Routers, Institutional & Prop Trader Workstations - Full feed to limited watch lists to snap requests
  • Wealth / Retail Investor applications - limited data, internet efficient delivery, and firewall delivery issues.

Content Dissemination

Utilizing the CG the ActivContentPlatform is able to deliver market data updates with the following features:

  • Full-Tick Updates – every tick for your application
  • Compression – ACTIV's highly compressed binary format which minimizes the bandwidth
  • Unicast or Multicast output – select instruments via TCP or full exchange stream via UDP.
  • Fixed Rate, Dynamic or Adaptive Conflation – Many applications cannot handle or simply do not require every tick on every instrument.  ACTIV provides various configurable intervals and conflation methods.
  • Tunneling – special tunnel technology for firewalls when needed such as automatically flip to a transparent polling mode.

Each Content Gateway can handle thousands of users, and where additional users are required additional CGs can be added to your system quite easily. 

Wide-Area Distribution

Where wide-area fan-out to remote distribution hubs is also required ACTIV’s Upstream Content Server can very efficiently and reliably replicate content from the datacenter of origin out to remote hubs.  The UCS is the same component which ACTIV uses itself for efficient and reliable transport of data between our datacenters and the same technology can be used to send data to your centers…or even to send your proprietary data between your own sites very efficiently. 

Content Permissioning

ACTIV is itself a market data vendor and as such has developed a rich set of tools to control and distribute information as a “Vendor of Record” (VOR) to exchanges and other content sources.  This same set of tools can be extended where your organization is VOR to control ACTIV supplied data, direct feeds, or even internally generated content.  To meet reporting requirements back to exchange sources, flexible reports can be generated at anytime by the ACTIV reporting tools.

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