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Direct Feeds

ACTIV delivers high-performance, low-latency feeds in a variety of delivery models to meet your specific requirements.  All ActivFeed delivery models have identical interface to your applications. One API delivering the same high quality and fully-enriched data. The only difference is where you want to be - your site or hosted by ACTIV.

The traditional industry approach for direct feeds was to source exchange feeds into your cabinets, implement a large software infrastructure and then either write feed handler software yourself, or make a large software purchase from a vendor.  ACTIV pioneered the hosted direct feed model, offering the same direct-feed technologies in a deployed solutions that are now hosted inside of ACTIV managed data centers. These shared or semi dedicated environments allow you to focus on your business while getting a managed and cost efficient solution for data.

Some larger enterprises still desire more control in their solutions. ACTIV can solve these issues too.

From day one, ACTIV’s technologies were engineered to be rapidly deployed at client sites either as traditional software solutions or hardware accelerated with FPGA processors to reduce the footprint as well as latencies.  Different from other vendors, ACTIV monitors and manages the software tier of your solution for you, even when it’s in your cabinets. This enables your firm to benefit from ACTIV’s investments in operational and maintenance staff as well as data management.  Anyone experienced in the frequent upgrades of the exchanges required can testify to the challenges of keeping up.

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“ACTIV’s world class global market data offering adds significant value to our financial ecosystem.”

John Knuff, GM of Global Financial Services at Equinix