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Specialists in Hosted Delivery to provide you the direct data where you need it

Based on client demand, we've built out a hosted delivery model using co-location and proximity centers around the world. This hosted model allows a client to take advantage of market data delivery in the following models that go down the latency ladder:

Hosted Direct – shared servers that via a cross connect or line to that center, allows a client to receive low latency data that scales with the amount of content and also provides an efficient fee model.

Hosted Direct – dedicated servers is the next level where the amount of data and additional latency tuning is required.  These servers are also managed by ACTIV, so they are a cost efficient model regardless of the center.

ActivFeed A highly compressed data stream delivering every tick on every instrument to your site in a small bandwidth footprint. Forward error correction and packet-level arbitration ensure that every tick is delivered reliably to your site.

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“ACTIV’s world class global market data offering adds significant value to our financial ecosystem.”

John Knuff, GM of Global Financial Services at Equinix