Exchange, Client, News, Reference

Data Collection

  • Exchanges

    Locally sourced market data from exchanges and feed handlers worldwide.

  • Reference

    Includes symbology, corporate actions, dividend, etc… Electronic sources (exchanges and third parties) plus a full internal data quality team.

  • News

    Relevant news services with text and metadata to provide rich searching functions across news stories.

  • Client Content

    Contribution technologies for clients and partners to contribute data across our global platform and out over private, public networks.


  • Conflation

    Services to throttle quotes and/or trade data to meet your application demands. Dynamic, fixed and adaptive techniques to optimize your bandwidth and servers setup.

  • Delay

    Delayed data services (based on exchange requirements) for client requiring this type of content.

  • Last Value Cache

    Database of the current state of the market. Provides data enrichments such as Cumulative Values, High/Low, etc… Very scalable.

  • Time Series

    Full tick history scaling through bars and 30 years of historical daily data. Provides an excellent back end to applications such as graphing components, P&L, trade costs analysis, modeling, etc…

  • Analytics

    Hundreds of calculated ratio, volatility and other base level analytics to power your applications. Can be easily extended and works with ACTIV third party analytic partners.


  • Data Feeds

    Low-latency delivery of bulk-exchange feeds or selective watchlists feeds via the ACTIV API.

  • Workstation

    Powerful software to support large-scale trader networks with low-latency high volume content.

  • Internet

    ACTIV provides rich functionality to deliver content across the internet including fixed rate and adaptive conflation, firewall tunneling and wide scale fan-out support.

  • Gateways

    Reliable multicast support for various communications options (1G, 10G, Infiniband, Shared Memory). Consistent messages between tiers, gateways to FIX and other platforms.

Client Applications