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Activ Financial Aims to Round Out Global Exchange Data

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Addition of exchange data from Europe, Asia, Canada and LatAm brings vendor's coverage to more than 150 exchanges worldwide

Market data and low-latency ticker plant provider Activ Financial is preparing to add 14 new markets to its ActivFeed low-latency consolidated feed, in a bid to round out its coverage in key regions around the world, officials say.

Scott Hall, managing director at Activ in New York, says the vendor will make a significant push over the next six months to add new markets in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions to achieve completeness in its offering, starting with the Americas, where the vendor will incorporate data from Brazilian exchange BM&F Bovespa this quarter and from the Mexico Stock Exchange later this year.

Demand for Brazilian data is in part being driven by interest in American Depositary Receipts issued by BM&F-listed Brazilian companies for trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Hall says. “If you are a US broker or a serious buy-side algorithmic trader, you need to know all the markets where that stock trades in order to carry out arbitrage or successful algorithmic trading, so it’s important to our customers that we go to Brazil,” he says.

In addition to these, over the next six months, Activ will begin distributing data from Nasdaq OMX’s ITCH equities and derivatives feeds and NYSE Euronext’s ArcaBook Complex Orders feed in North America; data from Deutsche Börse’s Xetra Ultra feed, and from the Warsaw, Athens,  Luxembourg and Johannesburg stock exchanges to complete its offering in Europe; and the New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Shanghai stock exchanges, following the addition of real-time data from the Taiwan Stock Exchange last November (IMD, Nov. 5, 2011).

“With all these additions, our coverage will increase to over 150 markets, which we normalize and bring to one interface,” Hall says.

Also this quarter, Activ will undertake the second phase of a Canadian expansion, by building out its Toronto datacenter and adding data from the remaining alternative trading systems Omega ATS and CNSX Markets’ Pure Trading. Fragmentation in the Canadian marketplace has led to an uptick in algorithmic trading activity, and in turn, increased demand for low-latency data as traders seek to leverage arbitrage opportunities and increased liquidity, Hall says. “We already had a Toronto facility, but now we are building out to get the remaining ATSs and provide a faster feed for that market,” he says.

Hall also cites growth in commodities trading as the root cause of demand for Canadian and Brazilian market data, since Toronto, New York and Brazil are the focal points of energy trading in the Americas. “The commodities trend has been growing for the last year due to volatility and the movement away from traditional equity trading. If your trading strategy is in commodities, you need to have all three venues,” he adds.


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