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ACTIV Financial Now Co-Located with TMX Group

John D'Antona Jr., Securities Technology Monitor


Market data transmission just got faster in the Great North.

ACTIV Financial, provider of Canadian market data via the ActivNet network, is moving its servers into the same location that houses the country's largest exchange operator, TMX Group.

By co-locating with the exchange, ACTIV now has reduced the latency for trade data delivery for a vast majority of the country's exchanges and ATS such as: Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TMX Select, Montreal Exchange and Alpha Exchange.

In addition, customers can now leverage ACTIV's investment in two independent data centers that will service the region; the TMX co-location and ACTIV's existing proximity facility at Equinix Toronto, which will provide data redundancy for backup and recovery.

By moving into the Toronto data center, ACTIV continues to expand its data services globally. The firm has already launched three additional co-location facilities in the past 12 months and has plans to open a second facility in London by mid-2014. Its network interconnects hardware-accelerated ticker plants worldwide, across 17 co-location and proximity sites in North America, Asia-Pac, and Europe.

ACTIV coverage spans more than 200 equity and derivatives exchanges around the world.

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“ACTIV’s world class global market data offering adds significant value to our financial ecosystem.”

John Knuff, GM of Global Financial Services at Equinix