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ACTIV launches ActivContentPlatform 2.0

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ACTIV Financial's market data platform to cut TCO for enterprise market data management.

New York - ACTIV Financial has announced the launch of its market data content platform -ActivContentPlatform 2.0. The platform utilizes Solarflare's FPGA technology in its Market Data Processing Unit (MPU) Gen3 and aims to improve throughput performance and system latency while enabling a reduction in supporting infrastructure requirements thus lowering the total cost of market data platform ownership. 

The 2.0 release will double the message rate throughput processing capacity of the previous solution to over 20 million messages per second. It also reduces system latency to under 20 microseconds for value add data sets, and can cut legacy market data infrastructure footprint by up to 90 percent. The release does not require an upgrade to a new API. ACTIV's performance enhancements are implemented on the existing hardware

"The industry is ready for a market data solution that improves performance, cuts costs and offers a clear advantage over legacy systems of the past and present," said Mike Dunne, ACTIV Financial's Chief Technology Officer. "We're now looking to the latest hardware acceleration and general CPU technology to provide our clients with outstanding throughput capacity and performance in the most cost efficient way."

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