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ACTIV looks to expand geographically

Sean Creamer, Wall Street Letter

ACTIV Financial aims to broaden its clientele in EMEA and the Asian markets in the near term, according to Frank Piasecki, president and co-founder of ACTIV Financial. As part of its move in that direction, the vendor has hired Ben Collins as its director of sales for the EMEA region.

The market data vendor is looking to increase its sales efforts in Germany, France, Austria, Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and China, according to Piasecki.

“We’ve been in these markets, but with more regional or local data, and enhanced commercial leadership, we’re attacking them with vigor,” said Piasecki, adding the focus is based on interest from local and international clients.

“In spirit of outsourcing, many firms and vendors in these regions are turning to specialist vendors like ACTIV,” said Piasecki. “Their needs vary by region, product type and function but this is the story globally.”

ACTIV hired Collins due to his experience in data sales garnered from working at Morningstar. He will oversee regional technical sales and account management in EMEA as well as emerging Asian markets, Piasecki noted.

Working from ACTIV’s London office, Collins and his team will collaborate with a support team in Cambridge to wrangle clients who may employ legacy data management integrated into their business, Piasecki said.

By offering streamlined data management capabilities on a platform that allows for third-party data feeds, ACTIV hopes to convince clients to replace legacy data vendors systems requiring a plethora of hardware and capital to run, according to Collins.

“Current data management legacy platforms are hardware infrastructure intensive,” said Piasecki. “The immediate benefit of ACTIV’s offering is reducing the technology footprint from 50 servers at an investment bank to two or three.”

The vendor offers real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions that is used by 450 clients worldwide by the buyside and sellside.

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