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Traders Want More For Less

Markets Media

With trading volumes in a state of decline, systems providers are being asked to provide more bang for the buck, and they have tweaked their systems accordingly in order to squeeze out costs.

“With the current low levels of trading in financial markets, clients are being more discerning about spending on trading infrastructure,” Scott Hall, managing director, North American Sales at ACTIV Financial, told Markets Media. “Customers are having a hard time making money in this environment, and have asked us to deliver data quicker and more cheaply as a way of removing costs.”

ACTIV Financial has enhanced its ActivFeed consolidated data feed to lower latency by at least one third, Hall said.

“This supports the global trader who needs data delivered to a trading hub at the lowest latency,” he said. “With this technology, we can ship data from Tokyo to a trader in Chicago in one to two milliseconds.”

To deliver that low of a latency, ACTIV Financial re-engineered ActivFeed with a number of technology enhancements such as variable size datagrams, simultaneous use of multiple compression algorithms, and explicit time-based flush.

It's also reduced bandwidth usage thorough the use of a more bandwidth-efficient “insert, update, and delete” protocol, which eliminates the need to update individual fields in a data record individually.

The feature is especially useful for retail brokerage firms that need to stream data to customer's mobile devices. “Within our global customer base are very large retail-oriented firms who must deliver information to an iPad,” said Hall. “This will facilitate that delivery.”


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