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ACTIV Financial and Capital Markets Consulting Collaborate to Bring Exceptional Solutions to the Fin

CHICAGO, April 1, 2008-Two innovative firms have seen an increased demand for customized solutions in the capital markets. To provide their clients with a competitive edge, ACTIV Financial and Capital Markets Consulting have aligned forces. Their collaborations have enhanced the capabilities of their delivered services for Application Service Providers, proprietary trading firms and other major players in the financial arena. “We strive to provide the most efficient solutions to the capital markets,” said John Barun, President and CEO of Capital Markets Consulting. “When our client's business goals require a market data provider, we are confident in recommending ACTIV's high caliber technology.”

Capital Markets Consulting has incorporated ACTIV’s market data feeds into many of their customized client solutions. For example, the companies have recently worked together on a project to assist in a client’s ascent into the algorithmic trading world. They have also worked together to provide market data indicators to enhance a client’s trading activity as well as a project automating market research for financial analysts. "It’s a lethal combination between ACTIV’s ability to deliver the fastest live data streams and CMC’s ability to fine tune the data to our specific needs,” said shared client, Al Gould of Jouster Trading. The working relationship between Capital Markets Consulting and ACTIV Financial is one of mutual work principles. Also, since CMC is familiar with ACTIV’s software, clients benefit by having a faster time to market. “CMC engineers are professional, work efficiently and know what the client wants,” said Mike Dunne, CTO of ACTIV Financial. “Because they are already experienced with our feeds and APIs, mutual clients benefit from a decreased implementation time and a higher quality implementation.”

If you are interested in ACTIV Financial’s superior suite of products, please visit After choosing an off the shelf solution, Capital Markets Consulting can customize and enhance the system to meet your exact needs. CMC can also breathe life into the strategies generated from the ACTIV solution. All you need to do is visit and leave an inquiry for your strategies to come to life.


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John Knuff, GM of Global Financial Services at Equinix