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ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc., was founded in 2002 by industry veterans with deep experience pioneering the design, development, and operations of cutting-edge market data solutions.  Having led various successful commercial ventures and product initiatives, the team understands the challenges of the full range of real-time data requirements, from quote terminal displays to data feed products to the engineering hurdles from latency to capacity management. On founding, ACTIV’s primary mission was to bring modern computing technology to bear on an industry rapidly adopting to the technical demands of electronic trading.


Fielding a service supported through a unique managed-services model, ACTIV delivered appropriate levels of content while offering complete deployment configuration flexibility for on-site and multi-site requirements typical of fragmented markets. Since inception, ACTIV’s commercial strategy has been to ensure the broadest business value to our customers by offering a complete set of market data products: end user displays, a consolidated feed, deployable direct feeds, and revolutionary Enterprise real time publishing technology. Matching these technical goals with a global content aggregation capability led to the company’s continual investment in data redistribution rights to offer complete vendor of record (“VOR”) capability to our clients. ACTIV is founded on the certainty that in this industry, competence in both data and technology are paramount to success.


Operating within time critical workflows, ACTIV has also developed an intense focus on quality and reliability with a sustained investment in a dedicated, fully redundant network. With our own physical plant, ACTIV can offer an unmatched quality of service that only comes from end-to-end control of our sourcing and distribution network. Together with a disciplined development regime to safely manage change, emphasis on backward compatibility, and excellent global support team armed with powerful toolsets, our clients enjoy the best service the industry has to offer, with confidence appropriate investments in capacity, performance, and reliability are at the heart of our operating excellence.  ACTIV excels at managing streaming data at a high uptime and with a competitive latency profile. Expansion of our geographic market coverage has always been a critical investment focus for ACTIV.


Having had the newest ticker plant technology since 2002 has not made us complacent. With ActivOne, our next generation platform now allows us to support the high demand for an alternative data distribution and content contribution platform addressing the Enterprise requirements of managing both exchange data and OTC markets moving towards electronic trading. Clients are struggling with integrating real time price data with reference and corporate action. Users want their systems to enjoy vendor optionality as they acquire new fixed income and alternative data sets. Securities proliferation, market structure changes (quote size, decimalization, etc…), indexation, ETF proliferation, new electronic marketplaces, and general derivative growth are all demanding better market data technology to keep costs low and operations scalable into the future. At inception, ACTIV recognized the data deluge that has transformed the industry and is now preparing for the next sea change in underlying publishing and integration software to manage these next set of challenges to the industry’s data infrastructure. Come learn more about our decades-old innovation-driven strategy that runs scared of the major obstacles facing the industry- exponential message rate growth, unyielding latency demands, and unsustainable cost increases in licensing, processing, storage, and compute costs. Our employees are ever focused on how to collect, normalize, and distribute real time content sets for market operators who know these problems need expertise and commitment now and into the future.



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Steve McNeany

CEO & Co-Founder

Experience includes over four decades in the real-time market data technology sector. Prior to founding ACTIV, Steve was the founder and CEO of A-T Financial Information, Inc. Steve began his career in market data in 1982 as a software engineer for Commodity Communications Corporation where he assumed the role of manager of software and system design. Received degrees in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.

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Michael Dunne

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Possesses six years in various senior management roles and over 15 years in software development at ICV Ltd / Primark / Thomson Financial. With ACTIV, Mike has architected and led the development of the state-of-the-art ACTIV suite of products. Holds a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Computer Science from The University of Manchester.

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Frank Piasecki

President & Co-Founder

Over three decades of senior management experience in the market data industry. Worked at A-T Financial for 11 years where he was responsible for spearheading institutional sales programs and the global customer service group. Previous financial services work includes formation of SRG, Inc., a VRDO securities content management research firm. Currently serves as a board member of Clearwater Management Company and VEA, Inc. an eVTOL aerospace company.

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Sujata Parekh 

Chief Financial Officer

 Extensive finance and administration experience in the global market data industry. Most recently served as Vice President & Controller for A-T, where she also managed human resources, payroll and all finance and administrative functions. Holds Bachelor of Commerce and Economics and Bachelor of Legal Laws degrees from Bombay University College of Law.

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 Over 25 years of market data experience in software and technology development. Appointed CIO in 2012 and responsible for Global Market Data Operations. Previously held various positions at ACTIV including leading the Hardware Acceleration Program. He has been with the Company since 2002. Prior to ACTIV he worked as a consultant in market data integration and on various local and global market data feed and front office systems. Received B.Eng. (Hons) in Electronic Engineering from University of Southampton, UK.

James Bomer

Chief Operating Officer


ACTIV History


ACTIV becomes part of larger market data operations through investment by leading PE firm with strong portfolio companies adjacent to ACTIV’s focus on market data segment. Significant expansion in scale, operations, and product lines to help customers address the growing difficulty in acquiring and using content and technology to participate in the Global Capital Markets. 


ACTIV's signs the first client for the ACTIV One Platform (AOP).


ACTIV invests in 40Gig SFTI connectivity to secure sufficient capacity for rapid growth in OPRA data feeds.

· Deployment of 100Gig US Backbone for further capacity investment to ensure sufficient bandwidth.


ACTIV clients gain local and regional direct low latency connectivity services via the expansion of ActivNet--the network now supported by 15 global data centers across North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific.


ACTIV opens dedicated offices in Tokyo and Singapore with a large Asian push.


ACTIV launches its initial ticker plant for the high volume options marketplace.



Opening of Brazil B3 Colo.


ACTIV launches its next generation Platform, ACTIV One, with initial live deployments in New York and London..


Opened the ASX Colo Facility in Sydney.


ACTIV leverages its global backbone with the release of ActivNet, and adds additional data centers in Toronto, Tokyo and New York.


ACTIV opens additional data centers in Chicago and New York. The company maintains growth, crossing 100 customers.


With 20+ years of experience in the market data industry, the founders establish ACTIV.